Bigg Boss 14: Rashami Desai feels Rahul Vaidya is getting targeted unnecessarily; Says, “Contestants are picking up fights for just any reason with Rahul”

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Former Bigg Boss contestant Rashami Desai opened up about the fights and controversies of 14th season, and how she feels Rahul Vaidya is being target unnecessarily. In recent interaction with ETimes, Rashami spoke about how the fights and controversies of Bigg Boss 14 don’t seem genuine.

The actress quoted saying, “I feel that though this season too, there have been many fights and controversies, and they may be real for the contestants, I feel the fights in the last season were more genuine and people fought because they had a real reason. I haven’t watched this season regularly, but I feel that people are unnecessarily targetting Rahul Vaidya in the current season. The contestants are picking up fights for just any reason with Rahul, which I feel is not necessary.”

Speaking about her future plans, Rashami quoted, “There are a few offers but everything has to work out and fall in place. I want to be known as an actress who takes up subject-oriented roles, which I have done in the past, too. So, this year, I will be looking forward to doing some interesting work. Now, whether it is a TV show, web show or a film, only time will tell. My work is my identity and I want to work hard and focus on doing good projects.”

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