Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant wants to steal Abhinav Shukla from Rubina Dilaik

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The upcoming episode of Bigg Boss is going to be very interesting. Rakhi Sawant is seen disclosing truth about her marriage and husband Ritesh.

Rakhi Sawant is entertaining the audience ever since she entered Bigg Boss. The latest episode is proof to it. Rakhi Sawant is seen doing a chitchat with Abhinav Shukla along with Sonali Phogat in the garden area. She openly sends a message to her husband saying that if he wants to take divorce then he can.

Giving details she tells Abhinav that she and her husband has not met for the last one and half years. Abhinav was surprised to hear this. She further adds on that she has also applied mehandi on four occasions. She says that if her husband wishes to take divorce she is ready for it.

Rakhi Sawant‘s husband has choosen not to reveal his face. The challenger has revealed that her husband has threatened him to take divorce. Because the news of their marriage was spread all over the media. She also reveals that Ritesh left Rakhi only after three hours of marriage. Both of them has never met again.

Rakhi makes fun of her husband and says that he has a pot like tummy and bad-mouth him. Alongside she praises Abhinav Shukla and wants to him to be her companion. Bigg Boss calls Rakhi in the confession room. In converstaion with Bigg Boss, Rakhi confesses that she misses her husband very much. She also asks Bigg Boss if Rubina and Abhinav are together or not. In case if they are not then he wants to steal Abhinav Shukla. To which Bigg Boss reples that they are together. Rakhi asks Bigg Boss that if it is wrong to like someone? Bigg Boss replies to her question saying that no its not wrong. She furhther goes ahead seeks permission of Bigg boss to say ‘ I Love You’ to Abhinav.

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Image source: twitter-Abhinav shukla and Rakhi Sawant/Bigg Boss

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