Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant makes fun of Aly Goni’s emotional meeting with his mother; Rubina tries to stop Rakhi from mocking Aly

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In the recent episode of Bigg Boss 14, we saw Aly Goni meeting his mother and newborn niece via video call. On seeing his mother after long time, Aly Goni got emotional and break down in tears. Later, Rakhi Sawant was seen making fun of Aly Goni‘s emotional meeting with his mother.

After Aly‘s interaction with his mother, Rakhi Sawant went to washroom area and seen mocking him. She talks to the mirror and repeats the words that Aly told his mother. Rakhi imitates him looking into the mirror and says, “Mummy mujhe poke karte hain’ making crying face. She even sings a song teasing him. Rakhi says, “Mummy oh mummy tu kab saas banegi, Aly ki mummy kab saas banegi, Rakhi bahut poke karti hai.”

The actress was seen talking to herself saying that her mother had such a big surgery but she is a strong woman. Rakhi says she was crying, but her mother did not cried. Sawant then said that she just asked Bigg Boss once if her mother is doing well. She mentions that she trusted the God and the makers of the show that they will take care of her mother. Rakhi calls her mother ‘sherni’ and says that she could have wished to see her, but she didn’t because she knows that her mother is a strong woman.

Sawant did not stopped mocking Aly Goni and continues her antics in front him and other housemates. Aly Goni did not pay heed to her mocking and behaved very calmly. Rubina tried to stop Rakhi from making fun of Aly Goni but she got rude with her in return.

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