Bigg Boss 14: Nishant Singh Malkani feels the participation of the ex-contestants in This season is Unfair

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Bigg Boss 14 contestant Nishant Singh Malkani, who got evicted from the house in initial weeks, has now opened up on the ex-contestants entry in the show. The Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega actor feels the participation of the ex-contestants in this season is Unfair.

In an interaction with SpotboyE, Nishant said, “I feel it is a little unfair for this year’s contestants because the ex-contestants know the game in and out. The previous season contestants have been through all of it, and they have come back for a second chance, they know where to do what, they have all the ideas, they know where to fight and where to be nice, they know the politics of the game well, they have played the game once already and they have come watching the game of the current contestant, so they know whose weakness is what, so, I think it’s a little unfair towards the current contestant.”

Speaking about his fight with Jaan Kumar Sanu and if he tried to contact him after the show, Nishant Singh Malkani said, “Equations change every day, every hour because every task is different and ultimately everyone is playing for themselves. There are times when emotion takes over, and there are times when practicality takes over. I don’t think you can find true friends in the house because ultimately everyone is playing a game. I made this mistake with Jaan and tried to be a true friend with him but when you become a true friend people take it as your weakness and use it against you in the house.”

He adds, “He did not try to contact me and I am glad he didn’t because I don’t think he has the face to face me anymore. And if he has got any shame, he will not contact me. If he ever tries to get in touch, I don’t think I will ever accept his apology. I am an extremely forgiving human being, but I think what he did was very cheap and immoral.”

The actor also talked about Rahul Vaidya‘s voluntary exit from the show. He said, “I think it was an honest and good move on his part. It came straight from his heart so who are we to contest that. Initially, he had a very negative image, but he improved it well with time. I wish him all the best.”

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(Image Source: Twitter-Bigg Boss 14, Colors TV, Instagram-Nishant Singh Malkani)

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