Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli feels Rahul did not deserves to be in the finale; Vaidya calls her ‘Stupid’

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In the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 14, we will see more drama and fights between contestants to the reach the finale. In the new promo of the show, Eijaz Khan and Rahul Vaidya is seen getting into ugly fight while washing dishes in kitchen area.

The promo shows, Eijaz Khan yelling at Rahul Vaidya saying, ‘Mazak apne paas rakh’. To which, Rahul replies, ‘Jyada baja mat kar, bajna hai to ghar pe jaake baj phir’. Eijaz gets furious and asks him to go home. They push each other using their chests. Eijaz asks him to move and Rahul says he caught on with him first.

Further in the promo, Bigg Boss introduces a task wherein contestants have to name the ones they feel aren’t deserving to be in the finale. Nikki seen in the theatre room while other housemates was seen sitting in a living area, and Jasmin, Rahul bring the topic of Jaan Kumar Sanu. Jasmin points out that Nikki herself said that Jaan does not exist for her and that he is never seen on the show. They further calls Nikki fake.

Later, Bigg Boss seen asking contestants to name the ones they feel aren’t deserving to be in the finale. He asks housemates to pick the picture of that contestant they have named and put it on the punching bag and tell the reason why they should not be in the finale. Nikki Tamboli takes Rahul Vaidya‘s name citing that he doesn’t deserve to be on the show, as he seems to be on a holiday (Vacation). Rahul call her ‘stupid’.

Then, Eijaz Khan seen taking Jasmin Bhasin‘s name, he criticizes her kid-like behaviour. Eijaz says he doesn’t feel she has independent thinking capacity. To which, Jasmin replies at least she does not have a fake personality like him. Eijaz tells her that this is her real face and says she does not deserve it.

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