Bigg Boss 14: Netizens comes out in support of Rahul after his Nepotism remark on Jaan Kumar Sanu; Fans Trends “WE STAND BY RAHUL VAIDYA” On Twitter

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In tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 14, we will witness a massive drama during nominations task. The Contestants will go against each other and nominate others, that will crate rift between them. During nominations task, Rahul Vaidya openly says that he hates nepotism, while nominating Kumar Sanu‘s son Jaan Kumar Sanu. He says he feels Jaan Kumar Sanu is surviving in the house just because he is the son of the great singer.

This statement by Rahul leaves all housemates in shock and they were seen quite upset with him. However, Netizens are praising Rahul for pointing out Nepotism. Fans feels that Shehzad Deol and Sara Gurpal was much deserving than Jaan Kumar Sanu and their eviction was unfair. Now, Fans has come out in support of Rahul, and Trending “WE STAND BY RAHUL VAIDYA” on Twitter.

A user wrote, ‘Actual meaning of NEPOTISM is “Deserving talented logo ko hazaar audition dena padta hai still they dont get selected but Star kids who are less talented gets a direct ticket without any audition” That’s what Rahul was trying to say WE STAND BY RAHUL VAIDYA.’

Another user wrote, ‘Jaan not staying with his dad and all the disturbing back story does not change the fact that he is favoured on @BiggBoss Stop this drama. Rahul meant Jaan is not as accomplished as others in the show & his only identity is that he is Kumar Sanu’s son. WE STAND BY RAHUL VAIDYA.’

A user wrote, “JaaanSanu is a jealous soul from the start he is targetting Rahul unnecessarily, he won Singing competition inside BB house bcoZ of majority & due to nepotism and he thinks that he is better singer than RAHUL, LoL. WE STAND BY RAHUL VAIDYA.”

Have a Look at the tweets by Netizens:

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(Source: Twitter, Bigg Boss)

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