Bigg Boss 14: Netizens shares a video clip of Jaan Kumar Sanu mocking Rahul Vaidya’s singing

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In the last night episode Bigg Boss 14, Rahul Vaidya and Jaan Kumar Sanu gets into argument, after Rahul openly said that he hates nepotism while nominating Jaan during the task. Rahul said, “I hate nepotism. All the contestants are here because of their own hard work, Jaan is here because he is someone’s son. He doesn’t have any personality of his own.”

This statement by Rahul did not go well with Jaan and they get into argument. All the housemates were also shocked and they felt that this topic was not needed in the task. Jaan Kumar Sanu said he was fortunate to be his father’s son. He also clarified that he was raised by his mom, and they separated when he was a kid.

Meanwhile, many people have criticized his Nepotism remark while some came out in Rahul‘s support. Fans applauded Rahul‘s guts, as they feel his statement was somehow correct. Fans even felt that Sara Gurpal and Shehzad was more deserving than Jaan but they got evicted, as Jaan is being favoured on the show.

Now, Netizens shared a video clip where Jaan Kumar is seen making fun of Rahul Vaidya‘s singing. Fans claims that Jaan has spoken badly about Rahul‘s singing and his lifestyle on numerous occasions. Rahul has been mocked by Jaan several times on the show, and Rahul‘s remark on Nepotism is a result of same.

Have a Look at the Video:

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(Source: Twitter, Bigg Boss)

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