Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin cries inconsolably as she argues with Aly Goni over staying in the game; Aly tells her, ‘I want you to win the show’

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In the recent episode of Bigg Boss 14, BB announced a eliminations task. He asked the contestants to divide into a pair of twos. During the task, the pair had to sit on a podium with a buzzer, they will have to keep a tab on the minutes passing by. They have to keep a count close to 37 minutes. And, other contestants will threw some harsh questions on them to distract them.

In the task, Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni pressed the buzzer after about 57 minutes which was beyond the given timing. And, now the two are in the risk of elimination from the show.

Now as per the latest preview of the show, Jasmin and Aly, who pressed the buzzer after the said timing, will now have to face the risk of elimination from the show. And, one of them has to leave the house this week. Bigg Boss asks them to decide between themselves, and to tell the name who will leave the house.

In the preview, Aly and Jasmin both seen getting emotional. Aly seen telling Jasmin that he wants to see her winning the show. To which, Jasmin replies him, “Main ye nahi kar sakti. Tere bina mera yahan rehne ka matlab hi nahi hai. “

Jasmin seen crying inconsolably as they both tries convincing each other to stay inside the house. Aly then says, “Maine tujhe jeet liya na mere lye kaafi hai,” But Jasmin did not listens to him. She cries saying that she doesn’t want to play without him. Aly then threatens her saying, “Tu chali jaati hai na, main kal se khaana peena chood dunga, I swear main tut jaunga Jasmin.”

Jasmin continues to cry saying that she wants to see him here. However, Aly is not ready to listen to her. In the end of the promo, they hug it out. The two will now announce their decision in tonight’s episode (December 2).

Have a look at the promo right here:

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(Source: Bigg Boss 14, Twitter)

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