Bigg Boss 14: Jaan Kumar Sanu wants Eijaz Khan or Pavitra Punia to win the show

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Jaan Kumar Sanu, who recently had evicted from Salman Khan hosted show Bigg Boss 14 this weekend, says he really wants that Eijaz Khan or Pavitra Punia to win the show. Jaan was evicted as he received less votes than others. Many felt bad after his elimination, and housemates even got emotional when he left the house. Host Salman Khan praised Jaan for his journey in the show so far.

Now, after stepping out from BB 14 house, Jaan talked about his equation with Nikki Tamboli & other housemates. Speaking about his equation with Nikki to a leading portal, Jaan Sanu quoted saying, “Whatever you saw was one-sided because we had a lot of fights and I used to say things she didn’t like and vice versa, but whatever I’ve seen so far that’s what I feel. Whoever said whatever to me, I used to say things back, not just to Nikki, but others too.”

He continued, “Maybe the makers showed what the audiences are liking, but a lot of times things have happened that we fought in the morning but are back together at night. However, the thing is the viewers only see 60 minutes but they don’t know what we do throughout the day, the conversations we have, and because of that, I’ve had to hear a lot of things. When you’re staying with a few people in confined spaces, how long can you ignore someone, you need people, for the game, or otherwise. I’m not someone who keeps things to myself or be negative, and I like moving on and be positive, so I tend to forget things for my sake.”

When he was asked about Pavitra & Eijaz Khan‘s equation in the house, Jaan said, “In Bigg Boss, you live a very sped up life and everything happens in a jiffy, like the click of a finger. When Pavitra liked him first, Eijaz eventually fell for her too later and I think right now they are in the same zone and they are definitely strong in the game together, I hope they can maintain this and I really see them in the finals, I want either of them to win.”

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