Bigg Boss 14: Ekta Kapoor Introduces ‘Badle Ki Chunauti’ Task; Kavita calls Aly Goni ‘Gunda’ and Jasmin ‘Negativity Ka Gubbara’

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In the upcoming Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar, we will see TV producer Ekta Kapoor entering the house and she will introduce a task named ‘Badle Ki Chunauti’. As per task, the contestants will get a chance to take their revenge from others. Ekta explains the task to the contestants that they have to wear revenge hand filled with foam, and apply it on the others face with whom they’ll take revenge.

The promo begins with Kavita Kaushik targeting Aly Goni and applying foam on his face. She calls him a ‘gunda’ for targeting her and accuses him of being after her life for no reason. Later, Kavita targets Jasmin Bhasin and applies foam on her face. She calls Jasmin full of negativity.

However later, Jasmin and Aly go on to take their revenge from Kavita Kaushik as they apply ‘badle ka foam’ on her face. Jasmin says the affection that she had for her is now over after what she has done. Aly give reason that he has not seen anyone, who is so double-faced like Kavita. He calls FIR actress ‘badtameez and ghatiya insaan’. Then, Kavita tells him he is ‘lakadbagha’.

Have a look at the promo right here:

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