Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni & Abhinav Shukla gets into verbal spat during task; Aly calls him ‘Darpok & Nalla Aadmi’

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In the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 14, the task will continue and contestants will fight against each other to win the task. The channel has dropped the new promo of the show wherein Abhinav Shukla seen getting into ugly fight with Aly Goni during task,

In the promo, BB assistants is seen entering the house, they offers coffee to all housemates till the end of their journey. The contestantsk, who are locked out of the house, is seen yelling that they want to enter the house as they want coffee. Aly Goni stands at the main gate of the house to stop contestants from entering. He says, ‘main kisi ko jaane nahi dunga, hata sakte ho mujhe hata do’. Rakhi tells Vikas, ‘I can do anything for coffee. I want coffee, jab tak mein yaha pe hu mujhe coffee milegi’.

The promo further shows Aly allowing Rahul Vaidya to enter the house. On seeing this, Abhinav Shukla taunts Aly Goni saying, ‘Aly! kya hogya abhi to bade bade claim kiye, main aaj kisi ko jaane nahi dunga’. Aly says it’s all because of his friendship with Rahul. As Rahul opens the door to enter, others too enters the house by pushing each other.

Rubina then taunts Aly, ‘ab ye dhakka mukka iske liy nahi tu morcha karega apne dost k saath’. Abhinav again taunts Aly saying, ‘Yahi toh hoti hai selective morality’. Aly gets into arguments and says he’ll do anything for Rahul. Abhinav then call Goni ‘Kamzor’ saying, ‘Dum nahi hai teri ek bhi dhamki main’. Aly hits back at him saying, ‘Naach Bandar nach, pura show nachta raha bandar’. Abhinav calls him, ‘Bhains’.

The two gets into nasty fight when Abhinav says, ‘tu na jyada ghamad mein mat rehna apne, muh todna hai na tereko tod, dekh leta hu kitna dum hai tere mein’. They both continued to argue & threatens to break each other’s face. Aly then calls Shukla ‘Darpok & Nalla Aadmi’.

Have a look at the promo right here:

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(Image Source: Twitter-Bigg Boss 14, Colors TV)

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