Bigg Boss 13 Kashmera Shah Calls Shehnaz Gill Fake, Shehnaz Gets Angry


kashmera shah shehnaz gill

Bigg Boss 13, Kashmera Shah calls Shehnaz Gill fake, Shehnaz gets angry and fight with Siddharth Shukla. Bigg Bigg 13 saw the entry of family and friends of the housemates in the latest episode. Former Bigg Boss contestant Kashmera Shah entered the house. To support her sister-in-law Arti Singh.

She spoke to everyone, who have troubled Arti in the show. From pulling Vishal‘s leg to taunting Rashami Desai. Kashmera Shah gave few housemates a piece of mind. However, her comments for Shehnaz did not go down well with Shehnaz. Later she walked out of the conversation.

Kashmera was having a conversation with few housemates in the garden area. She was sitting with Siddharth, Vishal, Rashami, Devoleena, Arti and Shehnaz. When Siddharth asked Kashmera how Shehnaz is looking she praised her complexion. Shehnaz went on to call Krushna without addressing him as ji. Kashmera interrupted her and asked her to call him Krushna ji as he is elder than her. Shehnaz refused and said that it would look fake. Kashmera tells Shehnaz, that’s fine as she has been fake on the show many times. Shehnaz gets angry hearing this and gives a rude reply to Kashmera and says ‘aap ko galatfaimi hai. Kashmera doesn’t take it and says even the audience know that she is fake. Shehnaz walks off from there and starts fighting with Siddharth.

She locks herself in bathroom and cries while, Siddharth tries his best to console her as its her birthday, but she doesn’t listen to him. Kashmera informs everyone that Sidnaaz is finished outside and it is more a fakenaaz now. She also goes on to add that Sidhart (Sidharth-Arti) are trending.

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