Bigg Boss 13: Arti Singh Angry on Rashami Desai’s decision during Home Delivery task

Bigg boss 13 Arti singh angry on Rashami desai

Bigg Boss began with the Home Delivery task which had taken place a day before. Arti Singh angry on Rashami‘s Decision. Arti Singh shouted and disagreed with Rashami‘s decision of being the delivery girl.

Arti singh angry
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Rashami Desai was the Sanchalak of the task. Shefali Jariwala, the new wild card contestant, observed the game from the secret room. In the upcoming episode, we will get to witness Rashami trying to bond with Paras to get him to pick her over Mahira, if she helps him to win the task. In an attempt to fulfill the strategy, Rashami will be seen declaring herself as the delivery girl. The three wild card contestants Shefali, Tehseen Poonawalla and Khesari Lal Yadav will be observing the game and in the promo, we can see them being shocked by Rashami‘s game. We see Arti Singh shouting and disagreeing with Rashami‘s decision of being the delivery girl. Arti Singh angry on Rashami Desai‘s decision as she decided to make her delivery girl in next round. But she denied and nominated herself and this enraged Arti Singh.

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In last round, Rashami and Arti had a fallout trying to decide who will go as the next delivery girl. Shefali, Devoleena and Shehnaz were keen on going. When asked to vote, Shehnaz stepped back and the vote got tied between Shefali and Devoleena. And Rashami takes Devoleena‘s name out loud. Arti lost her cool and screamed at Rashami asking her how she got the right to choose. She insisted that Bigg Boss had asked her to only announce the name, but not decide. Later, Devoleena went ahead as the delivery girl and gave the order to Paras, hence declaring him the clear winner.

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