Anupamaa asks Barkha-Ankush to leave house after Pakhi, Anu goes on trip with Anuj, New trouble for MaAn?

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Anupamaa to oust Barkha from Kapadia house after Pakhi

Rupali GangulyGaurav Khanna starrer Anupamaa is making lot of buzz with immense drama and twists. The ongoing track of the show revolves around Anupama exposing Pakhi’s greediness and how she talked ill about her. She lauds Adhik for his sincerity and calls out Pakhi for disrespecting her husband and not valuing relationship. Anupama lashes out at Pakhi for saying that she married Anuj because he is rich. She reminds Pakhi the sacrifices that she has made all her life. She tells Pakhi that she has always handled her expenses carefully so that her children can benefit from the savings.

Anupamaa breaks down in tears while Anuj consoles her. Kinjal, Devika, Samar, Toshu, Bapuji, Baa and others tries to make Pakhi realize her mistake but she lashes out at them asking them to stop taunting. Vanraj slams Pakhi for her behavior while Anuj tells Pakhi that even if the God tells him that Anu married him for money, he will never believe. He tells how Anu held his hand when he had nothing.

Anupamaa asks Pakhi to leave the house along with Adhik while Pakhi gets shocked. She refuses to leave house and throws thing in anger. Pakhi shouts saying she will beg to stay but not leave the house. Anu asks her to maintain dignity and not beg. She asks family members if anyone can take Pakhi’s responsibility but nobody agrees.

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Family says after marriage a girl should stay in her husband’s house. Anu asks Pakhi and Adhik to leave while Pakhi pleads to Vanraj to take her to Shah house but he refuses. Adhik denies staying in Shah house for his self respect. Anupamaa performs their aarti and gives good wishes for their future.

In the forthcoming episodes, Anu tells Barkha and Ankush to leave the house as Barkha was involved in instigating Pakhi. Anupamaa, Anuj and little Anu leave for their trip out of town but Anu gets bad intuitions.

Anupamaa, produced by Rajan Shahi under Director’s Kut Productions. The show also stars Sudhanshu Pandey, Aneri Vajani, Madalsa Sharma, Alpana Buch, Arvind Vaidya, Paras Kalnawat, Aashish Mehrotra. Muskan Bamne, Shekhar Shukla, Nidhi Shah, Anagha Bhosale and Tassnim Sheikh. It is based on Star Jalsha’s Bengali series Sreemoyee.

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