Aly Goni is in No hurry to take the wedding vows with Jasmin Bhasin; “We Were Best Friends Before, And Still Are”

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Popular TV couple Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin is making lot of headlines for their relationship after Bigg Boss 14. The two has grabbed lot of attention with their adorable chemistry in the controversial reality show. They both has confessed their feelings for each other on the show. Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni never shy away from showing their love for each other publicly and keeps sharing love filled posts of themselves on social media.

Recently, in conversation with Hindustan Times, Aly Goni shared that both of them are adapting to this new phase of their relationship while trying to get comfortable with each other as a couple. As far as marriage is concerned, he is in no hurry to tie the knot. The actor said that they will get married when they are ready to take the relationship forward.

Speaking about the equation they both share now as couples, Aly said, “It (the relationship) is amazing yaar. Nothing has changed. We were best friends before, and still are. We behave like that only with each other.” He further added, “Mujhe laga tha ke bahar aake kuch badal jayega, ya kuch ajeeb sa feel hoga ke ab hum relationship mein ja rahe hain. But nothing was like that.” The actor is happy as they still continue to share the same bond like they had when they were friends, he said, “jaise phele dosti thi, ab usse bhi better hai.”

The actor shares now that they are close, they understand each other just like they did in the past. “Now, we are more close to each other. And understand each other like before. It feels good that I still have my best friend with me. Even if I am dating her, she will always be my best friend, no matter what.”

Aly feels three years are enough to understand a person. He says, “Teen saal bahut hote hain insaan ko jaane ke liye. And that has played a good part for both of us. We know each other very well, and it made things easy for us.”

The actor shares he doesn’t get irked with paps questioning as to when are they tying the knot, instead he asks them to have patience. Aly said, “It’s also sweet of them that they want this for us, and the question comes with a lot of positivity. In fact, the paps laugh when they ask ‘bhai kab kar rahe ho shadi’, so I don’t find it irritating. Bas main bol bolke thak gaya hun ke abhi nahi hogi.”

When once again asked about the wedding during the interview, he replied the day they both feel they are ready they will go for it. The actors quoted saying “Jis din bhi hum logun ko lag gaya ke we are ready for it, we will do it.”

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