Abhinav Shukla states that Rahul Vaidya did Not deserve to be in the Top 2; Says, ‘He was the one who had quit the show midway’

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Bigg Boss 14 contestant Abhinav Shukla is currently busy in shoots, interviews and celebration of wife Rubina Dilaik‘s win. During his stay inside the house, Abhinav Shukla did not shared a good equation with co-contestant Rahul Vaidya. Now, the actor has stated that the singer Rahul Vaidya did not deserve to be in the top 2 of BB 14.

In an interaction with Pinkvilla, Abhinav shared that Rahul being in top 2 was unfair for the other housemates as well as him, as he had walked out of the house voluntarily.

He quoted saying, “No! Rahul Vaidya definitely did not deserve to be in the top 2. He was the one who had quit the show midway, he was the one who left the house. But I think he went outside and saw it all, understood how his fan following were growing and that is why he re-entered the house after regaining his lost confidence. But that was wrong and unfair to the other contestants who were a part of the game show since day one and did not quit midway. They had no clue as to what was happening outside. The show is all about your mental health and it’s strength capacity.”

He continues to say, “I had also stated that if the audience wants him in the house, it’s fine; because the show is for and by the audience. But yes it was unfair towards the contestants inside the house who stuck to the game come what may.”

When Abhinav was asked, if he doesn’t see Rahul in the top 2 than who does he see in that position. Abhinav took his name and said he is capable enough to be in the top 2. He quoted, “I would have seen myself there in the top two in his place. I was the one who was there since day 1 and made sure that my game changed smartly. I brought about more diversification to my personality- from shy to bold, I have myself seen my transition and unlike a lot of people who re-entered the show and created over-the-top drama, I was there doing my job without creating drama and made it till the end, almost. So I was like it’s now or never and I got to be there till the end, but then came the shocker of my eviction.”

Speaking about being friend with Rahul Vaidya in future, Abhinav Shukla said, “I will never be friends with him, rather will not be able to. Our area of interests are very different, our likings are very different.”

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